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Disfida dei Trombonieri

In 1974 a group of “Cavesi”, lovers of the history of the city, created an event which established a competition between the “casali”, raffling “The Blank Parchment“: therefore the “Disfida dei Trombonieri” was born. It takes place on every first Sunday of July in the municipal Stadium “Simonetta Lamberti”.

The parchment is disputed by the eight groups: Santa Maria del Rovo and Senatore (district of Pasculanum), Santissimo Sacramento and Filangieri (district of Corpo di Cava), Borgo Scacciaventi Croce and Monte Castello (district of Mitilianum), Sant’Anna and Sant’Anna all’Oliveto (district of Sant’Adiutore). The competition emphasizes the mastery of the Pistonieri and consists of a challenge of shot, where each “casale” lines up 36 “pistonieri” on a hypothetical battlefield. The victory is assigned to the association which has shot in the time interval drawn, loaded the firearm in the shortest time possible and realized a few penalties indicated by the procedure.

To the winner casale is delivered a silver copy of the Parchment and the honour of heading the parades of the city in the followings shows. Born into the disfida but currently inserted in the program of the “Settimana Rinascimentale” as an independent show, is delivered another trophy, called “Città Fedelissima”, which rewards the best choreographic performance made by the associations.